Growth Potential of an Indoor Shooting Range Franchise

How Shooting Ranges Can Become the Key Component to the Growing Firearms Industry

Virtual range growth

In 2020, there were 8 million new gun owners, and 2021 is on track to surpass that total. Ammo prices continue to rise as more people buy guns for personal protection, making traditional live-fire an expensive option.

The cost to build a traditional gun range is astronomical, as many components must be customized to the location, and lead mitigation equipment can easily cost over a million dollars. And that’s not to mention the safety concerns, risk factors, and narrow customer demographic.

So, what’s the solution? A fully immersive indoor virtual gun range!

Opportunity for Indoor Virtual Shooting Ranges

The growth within the firearms industry has presented a unique opportunity for franchises, such as EVR, to own market share in the firearms industry. Since traditional live-fire ranges offer many challenges and drawbacks, there is an opportunity to innovate with a safe, less expensive, and interactive shooting range alternative.

Key benefits of a virtual shooting range include:

  • No live-fire means a safe environment for all age groups
  • Less expensive set-up and maintenance
  • Interactive, dynamic, and challenging targets that appeal to the masses
  • Endless training opportunities to expand on traditional live-fire range experience
  • No ammo needed, and the perfect temperature year-round

Be first to market in this new and emerging industry by investing in an Engage Virtual Range franchise in a territory near you.

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