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Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of owning a franchise in a growing industry is equally exciting as it is nerve-wracking. Being a first-time business owner in a growth market presents a unique opportunity that rarely comes around. We understand that you probably have questions regarding virtual gun ranges, so we encourage you to read through our most commonly asked questions below.

A "virtual" shooting range is a simulated live-fire range. It is designed to offer gun owners and enthusiasts of all experience levels the opportunity to fine-tune skills in an environment that supports learning and recreation and removes the obstacles associated with traditional gun ranges. Through real sim guns, realistic target practice, and real-world shooting scenarios, visitors are immersed in an experience that challenges their abilities and helps them grow as responsible gun users.

The growth within the firearms industry has presented a unique opportunity for franchises, such as EVR, to own market share. Traditional live-fire ranges offer many challenges and drawbacks, including the high cost of opening a gun range, the safety risks, the small demographic pool, and the rising ammo costs. With a virtual shooting range, there is an opportunity to innovate with a safe, less expensive, and interactive shooting range alternative.

A virtual shooting range appeals to all experience levels and interests. From law enforcement training to first-time shooters, a virtual gun range offers a safe, educational, and judgment-free zone for all shooters to practice their skills without the intimidation associated with a live-fire range.

No! Engage Virtual Range offers classes, training, and competitions to accommodate all experience levels. While we do cater to professional law enforcement officers, we also are happy to invite anyone interested in learning how to become a responsible gun user.

A lot goes into the systems needed to operate a virtual range, but we will support you every step of the way. Our unique franchise model is designed to make franchise operations efficient and reliable. Once you are up and running, we will install all your technology and stand behind it with white-glove support. Learn more.

The initial franchise investment fee is $59,500 for a single location. However, discounts are available for those who wish to operate multiple franchises in territories around the U.S.

The total investment of an Engage Virtual Range franchise varies based on several factors, such as location and site selection. View Item 7 from our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for detailed information on start-up costs.

The royalty fee for all Engage Virtual Range franchise locations is 7% of total gross sales.

Excellent question! Profitability depends on several factors, including operating costs, financing terms, and, most importantly, your ability to manage the business effectively. Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provides operational insights to help you understand your earnings potential.

Yes! We are incredibly grateful to those that have served. Read more about our veteran and law enforcement discount.

We are excited to help you start the journey toward becoming an EVR franchise owner. Being an independent business owner is a significant step towards being your boss and fulfilling your dreams. To start the franchise discovery process, go to our Get Started page.

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