Providing You Support Every Step of the Way

Our White-Glove Franchise Offers Simplified Business Ownership

If you have never owned a franchise before, the process can be intimidating. Going from the idea of being a business owner to having us hand over the keys to your new franchise can seem like a long road. Packaging our franchise opportunities in a comprehensive and complete package ensures you get the support you need through every step of the process.

Steps to Engage Virtual Range Franchise Ownership

To take the complication out of owning an EVR franchise, we’ve broken down each step of the franchising process into digestible pieces. The steps make it easier for you to understand our indoor virtual shooting range business plan and to showcase how involved we will be throughout the process.

  • Get acquainted with EVR
    Step 1: Get Acquainted
    This is it. The very first step toward becoming your own boss. You will start your journey to becoming a franchise owner with a quick, no-commitment conversation with our key stakeholders. This is when we will give you a background on our business and introduce you to our unique franchising process. Get Started.
  • Discover the EVR brand and mission
    Step 2: Discover the EVR Brand and Mission
    After discussing your interest in owning an EVR franchise, you can start exploring our brand, mission, and core values. Our goal is to only partner with individuals who support the Second Amendment and believe in the importance of safe and effective firearms training.
  • Submit an application
    Step 3: Submit an Application
    We've created a painless online application that gives us insights into your background, experiences, and intentions for owning a franchise. The application is your opportunity to share everything about yourself.
  • FDD Review
    Step 4: FDD Review
    One of the most critical steps in the franchising process is reviewing our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This detailed document will provide you with all the technical information you need to know about owning and running a virtual gun range franchise.
  • Explore EVR systems and support
    Step 5: Explore Systems and Support
    At this point in the process, we will dig into the vast resources we provide to help your success. Our fully integrated system is uniquely designed to make your job easier so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time growing your business.
  • EVR Discovery Day
    Step 6: Discovery Day (by invitation)
    Visit us in person! We promise it will be fun, engaging, and, most of all, motivational. All it takes is trying our technology one time to realize its vast capabilities. You will have the opportunity to test every aspect of our technology, from shooting dynamic targets and IDPA challenges to engaging in situational awareness training with lifelike simulations and educational outcomes.
  • Join the EVR Family!
    Step 7: Join the EVR Family!
    You did it! You are officially a member of the EVR team. As an EVR business franchisee, you will be joining an innovative industry built around the idea of helping to educate and inform the general public on the importance of safe gun handling, usage, and ownership. You will be first to market in your territory and have the opportunity to create your own future!
Ready to take the next step towards franchise ownership?
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